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    Adobe Xd Bug!


      Wishing everyone around a good day.


      Yep, so I am kinda having a problem with my Adobe Xd. The thing is once I install the software, I am welcomed and I can open my canvas but if i try doing any design on the canvas it remains blank. For example, I wanna draw a square, I try doing it and Boom, there's an invisible square with all its dimensions hence I cant work on it.

      I reinstalled the app thrice.

      My GPU is updated.

      I have got the latest DirectX on so i dont see that as a problem.

      Why this? Anyone help?12.PNG




      Hardware specs:


      Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 940MX + Intel HD 620 (2GB)

      Processor: Intel i5 7200U

      Thank You for the help!