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    Images disappear when Flash application goes live

    Sky1947 Level 1
      My Flash 8 application works great when I test within Flash 8 and even when I test on the local browser. However, when I use it on the server it does not show the images. Could this be caused by my not referencing my image files correctly, how can I do this properly.

      I have attached some code that defines the image location. I am able to successfully retrieve documents with the following, is this the same type of scenerio, http://www.skytitleagency.com/documents/Land_Contract.doc, except in the images folder ?

      Attach Code

      var image0title:String = "Sharon Winchester";
      var image0desc:String = "Sharon Winchester is our Commercial Relations Director. Need a sounding board or a creative solution for your transaction? Feel free to contact Sharon-with over 10 years of experience in the industry, Sharon is able to assist you with finding the solutions that you need.";
      var image0uri:String = "images/image0.jpg";