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    Which Version is newest and what are the differences


      As of today (or first I noticed), I have the following Photoshop versions on my CC app (screenshot below). Previous to seeing two CC versions of it, I had CC 2017 and CS6 and that is that ever showed on the CC app.  I recently uninstalled CS6 and now it shows Photoshop CC and Photoshop CC 2017 .. which is newest and what are the differences? I wrapped my head around the new Lightroom Classic vs Cloud, I have searched around for what the difference is but all I ever see are CS versions vs CC 2017. Not CC vs CC 2017. Anyone? Is this simply a new version of Photoshop with a new name? I am assuming so since my installed programs only show 2017 as being installed on my computer.I think its the "update" on the button that is throwing me off vs it saying "install".