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    Deleting books in ipad app

    elleykat Level 1

      Digital Editions on my ipad was set to auto download, and it downloaded some files I already read and no longer want. How do I delete these files from my ipad? I went and turned off auto download, and I deleted them out of the My Digital Editions file folder on my PC already. How the heck do I get them off my ipad?

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          Symbiodin Level 1

          Open Adobe Digital Editions on your iPad and go to the library. Make sure the library is in "list" view (tapping the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will switch between list and mosaic views). Using your finger, Swipe the book you want to delete to the left. This will expose two choices. One is a heart symbol that I guess is to mark the book as one you liked. The other is a trashcan symbol. Tap the trashcan symbol to delete the book.