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    [bug] text layer's "strokeOverFill" property returning wrong values

    Fynnay Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've stumbled upon a problem/bug while writing something to sync text layer's attributes.

      To replicate:

      - In the UI, set a text layer's stroke/fill behaviour to "Fill Over Stroke" (keep the item selected)

      - Run this code:

      $.writeln(app.project.activeItem.selectedLayers[0].property("Source Text").value.strokeOverFill)

      - It returns 'false'. So far, so good.

      - Now change the value in the UI to "Stroke Over Fill" and run the above code again

      - It returns 'true'. Very nice.

      - Change the value in the UI to "All Fills Over All Strokes" and run the code again

      - It returns 'true'. Wrong! It should return false.

      - Change the value back to "Fill Over Stroke", run the code (this is just to verify that this option returns the right value)

      - It returns 'false', which is correct.

      - But if you now change the value to "All Strokes Over All Fills" and run the code it still returns 'false'.


      After looking at the results of the above test, it seems that the latter two options in the list ("All Fills Over All Strokes" and "All Strokes Over All Fills") don't affect the variable available to the JavaScript API, but only the first two options ( "Fill Over Stroke" and "Stroke Over Fill").

      This is quite annoying when trying to sync up many text layer's properties accurately.


      I'm on AE CC 2015 ( on OSX


      I suppose there is not really a workaround since accessing text attributes is already quite limited, but if anyone has some good ideas, let me know.