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    save custom filter for every document?


      sorry for my english ;)

      In FW CS3 it was possible to save a custom filter and so this filter was always shown in den filter list even when you open an new document.

      Now in FW CS4 you can only save a filter oder a style which is addicted to the current document.

      When you open a new one, you have to select every time your saved filter or stile set.

      This is no help and in my eyes a step back. I didn´t found any solution to access my custom filter or stile set right away when I open a new document.

      It doesn´t help to save the workspace area and options in a own set .. on every start, the stile window is empty and you hav to select one.

      Does sombody know a way to make a own set or stile selectable (instant) to new documents?

      Thank you for any hint.