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    BREW LG Dare (9700)

    erikliddell Community Member
      hi all. this is my first post. I have been developing in Flash for a long time now, and am brand new to the mobile device realm. I recently purchased the LG Dare and was stoked to find out it supported flash through the brew platform. But then quickly discouraged to find out that it will cost me $400 a year to have access to the Brew Tools suite. Also discouraged by he fact the in Flash Lite CS3 the LG 9700 is not available.. infact all the LG phones are grey out in the emulator.

      Wondering if anyone might be able to steer me in the right direction for testing / installing my flash lite apps on my LG Dare with out this BREW Tools Suite. I don't know what i am doing yet, just playing around, so its really not worth me coughing up all the mula to get started. Also, is there a device update coming out soon, for the LG Dare?

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          I am in exactly the same boat and cannot believe I am unable to pull up a preset in Device Central. SHEESH!!!!

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            mucatron Community Member
            Hi Guys,

            Sorry for the delayed response.

            The skins presented in Adobe Device Central come from the manufacturer directly. If they are not there then in this case LG have probably not provided them.

            We're working very hard with Qualcomm to enable developers to create BREW applications with Flash Lite.



            Mark Doherty
            Developer Relations
            Adobe Mobile and Devices
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              changrit Community Member
              I have the same promblem too.

              Canon D20
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                DavidRahimi Community Member

                Though I can't help you with your Flash Lite/Brew problem I can with updating your cell phone's software. To try to get an update for your phone you can go to Menu>Settings>Phone Information>Software Update>Check for New.


                cell phone accessories


                Hope this helps,



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                  Yesss. It's works!!!. Thank You Davidrahimi

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                    ttocsmij Community Member
                    As a new Dare owner I would like to write a few simple apps for personal use. Are there developer sites? Is there an SDK (like my old fav TurboC)? And what is this about $400?? I'm not interested in developing code for military or porn industries just a couple simple things for my own use!
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                      I have a some problem with LG phone too.


                      it cannot connect internet with gprs.



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                        I know this is an old thread but Figured i would put in some answers to some of the questions talked about here for future visitors and I was hoping to get some answers of my own..


                        LG Dare vx9700 GPS.... VZW has this locked up and only VZ Nav can use the GPS on this phone..


                        At this current Time You do not need to spend any money for making apps for the phone if you use swf files and replace the wallpaper or tools that are already in the phone.. But if you want to use Mod files you have to pay the fees in order to get access to the test sig which are only good for a year and if you want a sig file that does not exp then you have to pay to have your app true brew tested as well along with paying for the sig file..


                        The Dare has code issues when it comes to using the flash content for wallpaper.. For some reason the code that is running when the phone is in normal state does not allow all apps to update in a timely manor. But if the phone is running in charge mode or if you keep touching the screen or keys the flash wallpaper updates and animation looks correct..


                        My question is How do i code the flash content to minic me touching the screen or keys in order to get the animation running smoothly?


                        Also I still have not found good documention on how to program icons with in the flash content to activate/run other Brew apps. Any help would be Great.


                        One other Thing.. I have not yet had any success with getting the MOD files to work on this phone.. any one know why?



                        Best Regards

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                          I am going for lg dare phone but i also want and good looking skin on it so i have searched a lot on internet regarding this and came through this website http://www.decalskin.com/. Is this website is really good in providing lg dare with nice skin?

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                            I have the same promblem too.