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    How long will LR Classic be supported for Mac & PC?


      With the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout in Australia (government directive) being a complete disaster as far as internet access is concerned and the fact that I have a poor internet service as well as the fact that I like to travel overseas and other remote areas, how long will Adobe be supporting LR Classic?

      I need a solution that will work without the need of an internet connection. Data connections overseas are too expensive to contemplate utilizing data when outside of Australia.

      I get annoyed when i start LR and am told that LR couldn't find servers to verify the account when i dont have a connection

      How many photographers need access to LR when that dont have an internet connection?

      Not too sure I should be paying for LR and PS etc when I am going to also require a data connection to be able to use it (LR)......

      Is it time to 'jump ship' and start looking for the alternative that will support it's market?