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    Can't preview prototypes on mobile using USB

    perrybrus Level 2

      Adobe has publicly announced that the XD Beta days are over and the finall product is launched, but how come so many of the same issues are still not solved. For instance I'm not able to preview prototypes on mobile using USB. This is an old issue and Adobe said they were working on that but what's up? It's still not working. Think it's safe to say that XD still is in Beta stage.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What sort of device, and are you running the mobile XD app at the time that you test?

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            perrybrus Level 2

            Samsung Galaxy S7 flat. Brand new setup. All up to date. I'm using the XD app and I'm logged into my CC account. When I click Move Your File To Creative Cloud in XD (a bad term for COPY your files to our CC library) I check that it's available in the CC. But when trying to preview it on my Android device I get this error. Why is Adobe insisting on calling it MOVE? I'm not moving anything and that word assumes that I'm removing my files from one place and then MOVING to another.




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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              It looks like what happened here is that your Creative Cloud connection may have hiccuped a little bit. You should be able to open the file, make a minor change, and save it, which should trigger a new sync to the Creative Cloud.


              Windows UWP prevents us from accessing USB, so we currently can't provide sync over USB. We're disappointed, too, and we're working with Microsoft to see if we can find a way to provide something similar in the future.




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                perrybrus Level 2

                I finally got the XD file loading in the mobile app but it's unstable and slow, meaning it takes a while before the prototype loads or the app "catches" the CC file(s). When it's finally there it runs with no errors as far as I can see.


                I'm sorry to hear there's no USB sync for windows, after all we are by far the largest user group. Hope it resolves. There are several Mac OS only features in XD, I find that kinda strange taking the popularity of Windows into consideration.

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                  Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  Note: the reason it says "move" is that the file on your local disk is getting moved to the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer.  This also triggers the file to get synced/copied up to the cloud, but the local file is indeed moving.


                  Regarding USB preview on Windows: this is a security limitation in Microsoft's most modern app framework, called UWP -- so that is unlikely to change.  However, we're investigating support for preview over wifi and that should work on both Windows and Mac.  Please add your vote to Wifi connectivity for XD app (not connecting only by USB cable) – Adobe XD Feedback  if that would be something you're interested in!

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                    perrybrus Level 2

                    But the files aren't getting moved. It's copied. So the wording seems a bit off, don't you agree? If you move something (Ctrl+x) you won't have access to the same file at its place of origin. Isn't CC an external server? Does this mean my local files will not be accessible on my local HD if it has been transferred to the CC and I decide to terminate my CC membership?! If that's the case then it's bye bye cloud service.