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    Using Lightroom CC with Lightroom Classic


      I currently use Lightroom "Classic" (having switched last year from Lightroom 5) on a desktop at home, and recently added a laptop to my arsenal.  With this upgrade to Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, I have a question regarding the use of both of them, and how they interact.


      My main catalog is on my desktop.  I have several collections which were synced with Lightroom Mobile.  As I understand it, these catalogs are automatically synced with Lightroom CC, and as I understand it, current subcribers to the Lightroom Photography plan receive Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic for the same price ($9.99 US per month), with limited cloud storage for Lightroom CC.


      I have found that I can access my synced files on my new laptop, and any edits I applied have carried over.


      Here are my questions:


      How do changes I make to any files that have synced to Lightroom CC affect my files on my home desktop?  I assume edits are synced, but what if I delete a file from a collection?  Is it also deleted from the corresponding collection on my home desktop?  If so, this won't remove it from the catalog, correct?


      Can I add files to the collection on my laptop and have it sync with the desktop?


      Lastly, it seems that from Lightroom CC,  when I try to save files from to my laptop, I receive a message that says the file is not available because Lightroom couldn't access the full size original.  I thought there would be access to the full file?


      I was excited at the prospect of selecting a group of photos from my desktop catalog in Lightroom Classic, placing them into a collection to sync with Lightroom CC, being able to work on them away from home, and returning home to finish the work in Classic.  Is this not possible?  What are the implications or caveats to using a workflow such as this?

      I hope I'm making sense.  If there is an article detailing answers to my questions that would be appreciated, but of course any answers are most welcomed.


      Thank you!