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    2018 Font Menu in Character Panel and Path Handles with Wacom Tablet

    csquared63 Level 1

      Is anyone else experiencing issues with the font list in the dropdown in the character panel? If I try to scroll to select another font, the list jumps back to the currently selected font. If I start typing the name of the font I want, it'll sometimes stick if I hit enter. Super frustrating.


      Also, I noticed when using my Wacom Intuos 2 with the Pen Tool, that sometimes when I hold CTRL to get the arrow tool, the handles will flicker when I try to drag them and then PS hangs and seems to be going through any additional moves I had made, such as adding another point, when I was trying to drag the handle. It doesn't seem to happen when using the mouse. BTW, LOVE the new blue line and handles!


      Known bugs?