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    Lizensierung von Lightroom CC



      ich habe:

      Foto-Abo der Creative Cloud

      Acrobat Standard DC subscription


      Auf meinem ersten PC (Foto) setze ich Lightroom Classic ein und syncronisiere ein Teil der Fotos auch mit der Cloud. Dafür reichen die 20 GByte Speicher mehr als aus. Auf die Cloud greife ich bisher über eine Android Handy, ein Android Tablet über Web zu.


      Auf einen zweiten PC (Office) habe ich Acrobot DC installiert.


      Jetzt gibt es ja noch zusätzlich Lightroom CC, um auch auf die Cloud zuzugreifen. Dieses wollte ich jetzt auf ein Notebook und auf dem Office-PC verwenden, um dann auch den Cloudteil meiner Fotos zuzugreifen. Jetzt kam regelmäßig die Meldung, dass man Adobe Creative Cloud nur auf einen Rechner verwenden darf. Das mach ich ja! (Foto-PC). Mit den anderen Windows-Geräten möchte ich ja nur auf die Cloud zugreifen. Bei den Android geht dies wurderbar.


      Vielleicht ist jemand das auch schon aufgefallen.



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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Saturus,


          Sorry that I am having trouble understanding the issue you're facing. Could you please explain it in a more detial or may be a different way?




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            Saturus Level 1

            Hello, Akash,


            I would like to begin by apologising for the late reply. In the last days I had a lot of stress!


            I'll try to explain my situation:


            I have the following Adobe subscriptions:

            Acrobat Standard DC subscription

            Creative Cloud Photo Subscription


            ... and the following hardware

            Workstation 1 for photo editing (lightroom)

            Workstation 2 for Office (Acrobat)

            Notebook 1 for mobile use

            Android Mobile Phone

            Android Tablet


            The software is currently installed as follows:

            Workstation 1: Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC

            Workstation 2: Acrobat

            Notebook 1: Lightroom CC

            Android Mobile Phone: Lightroom CC App

            Android Tablet: Lightroom CC App


            On Workstation 1 is my entire collection of photos. Some of these photos are synchronized with the cloud so that I can view and (partially) edit them from the tablet and mobile phone. Now I thought that Lightroom CC could be used on a notebook similar to the apps on a mobile phone. Here, however, the message is always displayed that the program has already been activated on the workstation. It works wonderfully on your mobile phone and notebook. What is the point of using Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC on the same device? It's called "Editing, organizing, storing, and sharing photos everywhere" on Adobe's page.


            I hope that I have now been able to describe the situation better.


            Greetings, Saturus

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              Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

              Hi Saturus,


              Hope you are doing good.

              As you've mentioned that you have Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic cc on one computer and looking to understand what can be done with both the apps.

              I'll recommend you to take a look at this article Introducing: Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and More | Photoshop Blog by Adobe

              You may also see this page https://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom-cc-vs-classic-features/


              Let us know if that helps.



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                Saturus Level 1

                Hello, Akash,


                Thank you for your reply, but you did not understand my problem.


                In general, I don't understand why you can't install Lightroom CC (Windows version) like the Android app on multiple devices and access photos in the cloud from there.


                I am aware of the difference in functionality between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC.


                Greetings, Saturus

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                  Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                  The Lightroom desktop app is catalog based unlike the mobile apps that are completely dependent on the cloud.

                  Only one Lightroom catalog can be synced across all your devices at once since it acts as the centralized catalog on the cloud as well.


                  Now with Lightroom CC, Everything you do in is synced to the cloud. This means that you can access and work with your photos from any device (including multiple computers), and can easily share photos with others. All of your photos and all of the work that you do with them will be automatically backed up all the time.


                  So, what you're asking can be done. You can install install Lightroom CC on multiple computers(working simultaneously with 2 at a time) and can access same images on each one of them.


                  Hope that helps.