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    Disabling Flash add-on in IE "workaround" after Windows 7 October 2017 update


      After applying the latest October 2017 Microsoft patches on our customers Windows 7 PC's, IE 11 will crash on certain cites (e.g. cnn.com, mapquest.com). Disabling the "Shockwave Flash Object" add-on eliminates the crash, however (obviously) sites that require the add-on do not work properly. We have found that rolling these customer's back from version Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Flash Player to version Adobe Flash Player seems to eliminate the issue. We don't want Adobe Flash Player to be the permanent solution. We are looking for a fix so that our customers may use the latest version of Flash.


      We've opened a case with Microsoft and they investigated the crash and we were advised to contact Adobe Flash support.


      Adobe Flash support forums, is this a known issue? What steps may we take to get the latest version of Flash to work for our customers without crashing? Please let me know if you need any additional information from me. Any help provided will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.