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    How can I make some pages in a PDF display in single-page view and others in two-page (facing) view?


      Exactly as it says on the tin. I am looking to save a PDF magazine/book layout in such a way so that when opened, only the front and back covers open to the viewer in single-page mode, and the rest of the pages in two-page facing mode, without re-printing the in-between pages in booklet format  and re-inserting them into a new PDF (with the front and back covers left separate and untouched, and included as single portrait-orientation pages). This is so that individual pages can still be printed (on a physical printer, not a "virtual" one like a PDF driver), as-is without having the page next to it included, or the printouts always requiring landscape orientation (resulting with two "pages" from the PDF showing up on one sheet of paper).


      So when the PDF is opened, I want just the front and back cover to be auto-viewed by themselves, and the content (the "meat" of the document) viewed side-by-side, as though one were actually reading a "book" -- but without actually re-doing the content pages to be "fused" side-by-side. Thus creating the "illusion" that they are, in fact, in booklet form. Is this possible, to have different page-display settings for different pages/page ranges in a single PDF? If so, how is this done? If not, what would be my best course of action otherwise to achieve this "virtual" book layout, while still retaining the "physical" structure of the document and allowing individual pages to be printed by themselves rather than "fused" together?


      Using Acrobat X Pro on Windows 7 Pro SP1.