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    Brush size using Alt + Right Click Drag with tablet pen doesn't work anymore.

    raphaelm61038348 Level 1

      It's a very important part of my workflow. It stopped working and it feels like I'm missing an arm. It happened ever since I upgraded to Photoshop CC 2018, although going back to CC 2017 didn't solve the problem. This shortcut works just fine using a mouse, but I can't work with that. I'm using a Cintiq 24HD. The latest Wacom drivers broke the Touch Wheel so I had to go back to a previous driver.  In this period of time I also updated Windows 10 to the latest major update, however I don't think a shortcut not working in a specific piece of software has anything to do with the entirety of an operating system.


      I've googled my issue before posting here. Apparently this problem appears each time a major update hits Photoshop. Unfortunately I couldn't find a fix for my problem. Hopefully I will be given here an advice that actually works. Looking forward to your answers. Thanks!