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    Accessing contents of .lrprev files


      Hi All,


      I am building a plugin that would like to take advantage of the biggest preview available in the lightroom cache.

      I have played with a few different tools that read previews from these files - and the largest most of them can pull out is 'level_5'.

      A manual inspection of a .lrprev file would seem to indicate that there is additional preview data at 'level_6' and 'level_7' in there.


      Has anyone had any luck accessing these larger previews?


      Ideally I'm seeking some means by which I can parse out these previews as separate files/streams for use in my plugin.


      - Feel free to offer wisdom in whichever language you like to work in - I've inspected partial solutions in C/C++, Python and Lua. e.g.

      - Perhaps the larger versions are not in JPEG/JFIF format and that's why they don't parse out as readily?

      - I'd prefer to work only with the .lrprev files rather than have to access the sqlite db - it would seem superfluous considering the UUID can be retrieved from the SDK and the .lrdata is structured using a tree built from the first 4 characters of it.


      Any thoughts and tips on this would be greatly appreciated.