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    HELP Photoshop 7.0 installation after Laptop upgrade

    PamT63 Level 1

      Recently ran low on my HP Laptop memory and Photoshop stopped working correctly. Upgraded my memory on the Laptop to way more than I'll ever expect to need and then uninstalled and then reinstalled using my original CD. Everything looked like it went smoothly but the desktop ICON looked plain and different. Wouldn't load the program, said it couldn't find it. Tried loading through the program menu. Same thing. Uninstalled it and after restarting my computer tried installing it again. Same problem. HELP!!!!  I really need this program for my business but don't need a fancy version of it, just need to be able to use this one that I paid good money for when it was new.


      I am using Windows 10 which I upgraded to about a year ago. It's been running normally until now.