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    Premiere Pro 2018 - Terrible Performance

    EricMS Level 1

      Wow...what a piece of garbage. Adobe has once again released beta software for the paying customers to test. This should be embarrassing for Adobe.


      First we encountered the Dolby codec fiasco with absolutely no warning from Adobe to the customers before upgrading their software. Our group alone has wasted more than 20 hours on that issue.


      Then the absolutely terrible performance on the exact same computers that were running CC 2017 effectively.


      • The Program Monitor consistently hangs when applying some transitions
      • The timeline freezes if we scrub through anything with more than 5 tracks
      • The application crashes constantly
      • Our computers' internal fans run louder than ever as the hardware runs in overdrive mode
      • Very glitchy performance when playing the timeline (even at 1/4 resolution mode and High Quality playback turned off)
      • Errors with video clips (Dolby) that worked fine with 2017 (yes, I realize the technical issue but now we have to re-encode all of our native clips that worked fine before)
      • Etc.


      We've upgraded our nVidia graphic drivers to the latest version but that did not help.

      We've been told to uninstall, use the Adobe cleaner, and re-install...no change.


      We've read that others are being told to ignore the fact that we all pay a subscription to get the latest and greatest yet need to remove the 2018 version and reinstall the older version. Really? After many of our production users have already opened and saved their projects with the new version making the project files incompatible?


      Our company runs Windows 7 64-bit and have no option at this time to upgrade to Windows 10 as Adobe keeps suggesting for many issues that are surfacing. Again, our existing hardware and OS worked fine with the previous version.


      If an update isn't pushed out soon to address these problems, someone please let me know what an alternative would be (on Windows).

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Our company runs Windows 7 64-bit and have no option at this time to upgrade to Windows 10


          That will be a problem for you going forward.


          You'll need to upgrade eventually.  Like Windows XP, MS will shut off all support for 7.  This might be a good time to lobby for 10.

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            EricMS Level 1

            Yeah...tell me about it. Our company is large and takes forever to migrate/upgrade to anything on a global scale. Luckily Adobe CC is only for our department so we were able to implement that otherwise we would still be on Adobe CS4 if they had their way...then again, after this latest version I might prefer that! 


            And yes, I have our department's group in the queue for the company's Win10 pilot test which is scheduled for early next year.


            Like most companies that watch their bottom line extensively, they lag on any upgrades until absolutely necessary.


            Yes, we are still using MS Office 2007...finally moving to 2010!  Sigh.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Oh, that's frustrating.  I freelance for both a small company and a college, and the former is sooo much easier to get things done.


              Beaurocracy sucks!

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                We are experiencing many of the same issues with 2018 and I am running Windows 10. My partner is running MAC OS Sierra Version 10.12.6 and she will not upgrade to 2018 after seeing all the issues I've been encountering. I've tried to go back to 2017 but then I encountered the Dolby issue which I can not seem to resolve at all. (why can I import MTS clips into 2018 and have sound but I can not with 2017?) I've settled with 2018 because I need to get back to work (I do wedding videography and lost a week and a half of work trying to resolve these issues), but 2018 keeps freezing in the program monitor every so often and the only solution is to restart the program. Luckily I can still save so I don't lose anything but it is very inconvenient, frustrating and time consuming to have to restart the program 4 times every hour. Is there any fix to these issues on the horizon? Is there a fix to the Dolby issues with 2017?

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                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  For ideas to work around the Dolby issue, see this related Forums thread:


                  Dolby Codec Missing in CC 2018, MTS/AC3 No Audio

                  (read through all suggestions on both pages of the thread)

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                    Joninva1 Level 1

                    I just dropped 5k on a core i9 7920X system. Premiere pro 2018 won't even play back a simple mp4 as a test. Freezes on hitting the space bar. Uninstalled, installed 2017. Still garbage. Windows 10 pro. Really regretting going PC this round. At least when premiere pro crapped out on my Mac pro I can use FCPX in a rage.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      That's not normal, in my experience.  Post up the details.  Use the guide below.


                      How To Ask For Help

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                        Joninva1 Level 1

                        ASRock gaming i9 Fatal1ty XE X299

                        Intel Core i9 7920X

                        RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 2666

                        Corsair HX1200i PSU

                        Corsair H100i v2 AIO

                        Boot: Samsung 960EVO M.2 500GB

                        Scratch: 2X Samsung 960EVO M.2 500GB

                        System Backup 4TB WD Black

                        EVGA Nvidia 980ti Classified

                        Corsair Vengeance C70

                        Windows 10 Pro 1709


                        Using Turbo Boost 3.0


                        All drivers, chipset and UEFI BIOS up to date with latest releases.


                        Installed CC 2018 from my Adobe account.

                        Installed PPCC 2018.

                        Following day ran PPCC 2018 and created a new project on one of the 500GB NVMe M.2 drives.

                        Imported H264 MP4 video file (22 minutes long) from the other M.2 drive. This mp4 was created in Adobe Media Encoder from a 4k AVI file off of a NVR system. The mp4 happily plays back in windows, QuickTime, etc.


                        Drag video file to sequence. Scrub works at first. C click play and nothing happens. Scrub now very choppy. Hot space bar. Adobe PPCC stops responding. Windows is fine. I force close the application. It won't reopen without looking in task manager and killing the PPCC process which is still running even though I closed the program.


                        Replicates same issue every time in both PPCC 18 and ppcc 17.


                        Going to try some 4k footage from my gh5 and x5s and see if it's just that video file that's causing the instability.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Hmm.  Another x299 mobo.  There does seem to be a pattern here.


                          You've got all Turbo and overclocking turned off?  Stock CPU and memory speeds?

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                            IAH Digital Level 1

                            Listen,is this happening to me too using a Threadripper 1950X. I'm also running 4K footage from my GH4 from my 1TB Samsung 960 EVO M2 SSD and scrubbing/playback is choppy as heck. I cant figure out what is going on. At some point of scrubbing the application will hang and crash. It must have something to do with turbo boost. Adobe is really quiet about this yet a ton of professionals are screaming about this.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                              Honestly, scrubbing issues with H.264 media don't surprise me, regardless of hardware.  I do recommend Cineform proxies for all H.264 media.


                              Work offline using proxy media |

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                                Joninva1 Level 1

                                I just went in an turned off turbo boost and any overclocking settings were returned to default. And the result was that PPCC 2018 wont playback a short 35GB 8 bit 1080p .mov file. When I closed the program, or tried to. it hung. I eventually had to try to close the program again by right clicking the icon in the taskbar and telling it to close window. I then got the error message where windows has realized the app isnt closing where you can have it look for a solution or just close the app.


                                Wonderful. I guess the question I have to ask is why do I expect this software to be compatible with the latest systems. My chipset may be x299 for core x processors but the chipset drivers all say Xeon. I have this expectation that this computer should be able to run Premiere Pro with performance exceeding my 5 year old 12 core Mac Pro but reality is much different it seems. This really sucks. I dont want to have to learn a new bit of software to continue on... Guess that's where I am though.


                                So long for now Premiere Pro.

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                                  There have been numerous reports from folks using x299 which I am simply unable to reproduce using other chipsets.


                                  I don't know if a definitive cause has been isolated.  The use of x299 may simply be coincidental, not causative.

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                                    Joninva1 Level 1

                                    I think I have figured it out. Thank you IAH Digital for chiming in. That had me thinking - what do Core X and Threadripper guys have in common other than GPUs and a dislike for either Intel or AMD?  NVMe Drives. That's what.


                                    I changed my scratch drive from one of the three motherboard installed Samsung 960 M.2 EVO NVMe drives to a SATA WD Black that was also installed and this thing now has no issue with playback of 10 bit 4k 60fps. The board again is an ASRock Gaming Core i9 XE. It has three locations where M.2 NVMe drives can be installed between the PCI slots. I wonder if I should install the M.2 NVMe drives in a raid card instead of the on-board motherboard mounts in order to able to use them as intended. I could blow 400 bucks to find out but I'd really rather not. Anyone else using PCI cards to run M.2 NVMe's?


                                    I also have been using a presonus Studio 192 USB 3 audio interface for this system. I noticed that in Resolve, while video plays back flawlessly off of the M.2 NVMe drives, I get no audio from the interface and according to the driver no audio is passing through the interface - and i get no choice to select the interface in the resolve GUI. I figured that may also be an issue and selected the motherboards HD Audio chipset. Either way between the two it seems for now that PPCC18 is working. I have not done more than load the video in to test however. There's still much testing to be done with factory and third party plugins and an actual session so we'll see.


                                    Thanks dudes. I hope this can help someone else.



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                                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                                      There have been many reports of issues with USB audio.  I do recommend using only proper audio connections, either from the mobo or from an add-in card.

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                                        Nibbling Spirit Level 1

                                        Yesterday I upgraded to 18.  Then discovered Dolby Audio problem.  Researched it. Decided to upgrade to Win 10.

                                        Now not able to play the simplest thing.  Playback window chokes.  Nothing is responsive.    Can scroll timeline but does not play. Just hangs and then cannot save or shut down !    Wow!

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                                          Joninva1 Level 1

                                          Thats a real shame because the vast majority of people use professional audio interfaces which are USB. There was once firewire. There is now Thunderbolt. I use Pro Tools HD on a PCIe based system in my audio control room but Im not dropping another 7k for my video room. The problem is my PC like most (if not all) doesn't have XLR outputs for professional monitoring. Therefore I will not be able to hear what I am doing with any level of trust unless I can connect XLR cables to my PC.


                                          Do you know of any USB audio devices that are compatible? Or is it literally all of them?





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                                            Jim_Simon Level 9

                                            There are PCI cards that offer professional audio.

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                                              spnsir Level 2

                                              I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and it's been working great for several years and through many versions of Premiere. On CC18 now and no issues.

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                                                Joninva1 Level 1


                                                Does your motherboard have USB2 specifically? Mine is USB3 only. I think that has something to do with it.





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                                                  Joninva1 Level 1

                                                  I went and did more testing and narrowed my issues down to just USB 3.0 Audio. My Presonus studio 192 has been a pain to get working correctly on any system I have that is on windows 10 (was fine on 7) so it doesn't surprise me that I continue to have issues with it on this new build and with PPCC. I think my problems all stem from this specific USB 3.0 audio interface.


                                                  Originally I modified two situations and got success. For this test today I changed one back and still had success. That narrows it down.


                                                  I left the windows setting for my on board HD Audio to be the primary playback device and then tried another test project from an NVMe drive. And it worked just fine. I say fine but it was buggy as hell with the scrub tool and what not but play back of 4k 8 bit was no problem. Editing it was no problem. Rendering was quick. Not bad. I had to hit play after dropping the play head on anything to have the project window update with it's location. Effects wouldn't come up when clicking the effect workflow up at the top of the window at first. Strange but temporary -  It seemed to iron itself out though after a while.


                                                  NVMe drives were not the cause of the issue.


                                                  So there it is. For me, my major instabilities came from using a USB3 audio interface from Presonus. I am considering trying out a thunderbolt audio interface to see if that will work with PPCC18.

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                                                    ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                    Thank you so much for sharing this.


                                                    Have you reported it here yet? That way, Adobe's engineers can further investigate:


                                                    Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                                                      Andacar62 Level 1

                                                      I haven't encountered this issue with the new Premiere Pro. i have a fast machine but not that fast. I'll try finding some 4k footage and see what happens.

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                                                        DKQueensNY Level 1

                                                        I have had at least one application crash per day for the last 20 days of post. About half those days there have been 2-4 crashes, per day.


                                                        Truly unbelievable as I spent about $3000 on the computer....and PUNCHLINE: 100% of my video clips are 1080!!!!!!


                                                        it has been an utter torture session using premiere poop

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                                                          DKQueensNY Level 1

                                                          yesterday, it crashed 4 times. this morning, im on crash # 3. open, press space bar in editing mode...…..10 second lag....play.


                                                          then select an audio clip to copy and paste....CRASH


                                                          serious crap this is

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                                                            K T Cat

                                                            Just a data point. I have a Win7 laptop and a Win10 desktop. They have similar processors and RAM. The Win10 machine is almost completely unusable for everything, even apps outside of CC. Before I upgraded to Win10, it was a great machine and my favorite for video work. Now I experience a lot of the things described here - unable to play clips, hopelessly long render times and crashes. Meanwhile, my Win7 laptop hums along nicely.


                                                            Again, the Win10 machine is unable to do almost anything without long lags. Just opening an mp4 with the native Win10 video player causes it to stop and think for a while. I ran the system performance graphs while doing so and it doesn't say I'm low on memory or even that the CPU is being taxed. Win10 is simply horrible.

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                                                              NikNakNow Level 1

                                                              You lucky *******, only 4. At 9am a started to try an export a video 23 minutes long. It is now 3 pm. After atleast 20 crashes I have 4 segments of video I still need to make into one.