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    Window autoscroll

    badassdesigner Level 1

      Hi all,


      Does anyone know how to turn off or reduce the sensitivity or pixel range of the window autoscroll?


      When I'm working with paths, if I drag a node or control point that is close to the edge of the screen Photoshop scrolls the window INCREDIBLY FAST and in a stupid direction (for examle, if I want to move a bezier control point a teeny bit to the left but it's close to the top of the screen Photoshop scrolls the image DOWN and so the point zooms 2 miles UP!).


      And, when I say close to the edge ofthe screen, I mean within an inch. It means I can only work an inch in from all edges of the screen.


      Can I turn this behaviour off, or control it in some way.


      Many thanks.


      Using very latest Photoshop CC, Mac OS 10.11.6