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    Two computers - 1 hard drive

    jasminen43946882 Level 1



      I'm on CC2018, and here's my problem:


      I work on a project on After Effect the last 2 days, on two different windows computer, with the same hard drive.


      This morning, impossible to see the project i made on the first on the second computer, i mean on my explorer.


      When I came back to the first computer, the project appear but impossible to open.


      I'm going to be crazy !

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          imeilfx Level 4

          So lets assume that you configured everything as it should be done between your computers and sharing rules on your operating system. So:
          1. Try to make/cypy/move any file/filder or maby other AE project file from computer A (that one that can see your files) internal HDD to that external one shared with computer B and check if you can see those files on computer B.
          2. Try to open any project file version from Auto-Save folder of your A computer, and check if you can see those auto save project files on computer B.
          Let me know what is the result of your test and we will try to go from there.