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    Problems with authorizing books


      I have downloaded two books from kobo but forgot I had not installed ADE (new computer). Instead my OverDrive Library account grabbed the books and I wanted them on my Sony Reader. Realised my mistake and installed latest version of ADE and went to authorise book again and load into ADE and it falls over with book already authorised. how can I get the book into ADE and if necessary remove from OverDrive. I only use Overdrive for Library Books

      Any help please?

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          Nanaky Level 5

          You used the same Adobe ID in ADE and in Overdrive?

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            ronw13169023 Level 1

            No. It was a new PC I had set up OverDrive to access books from my public Library and don't recall it asking for a password. It asked for my library card number and it may be using the RBDigital password but cannot really check that. Yesterday I purchased two new books from Kobo and downloaded the file and completely forgot that it was a new PC and did not have ADE installed. I clicked on the acsm file which promptly installed the file into Overdrive. Ideally I would like to get the books out of overdrive and reinstall into ADE but can understand that digital copyright is stopping that.