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    Installing Adobe photoshop Elements 8 ?


      I have photoshop elements 8 on a cd.  During my last upgrade on my mac it stopped working so I uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall it.  during the reinstall my serial # on the back of the cd case was rejected.  I called you and was referred to an on line source for the software and was told to use the serial # during that reinstallation.  It also was again rejected. I called again and was referred to this site .  I was told you would get back to me as to what I need to do to fix this problem, although, i must say that the amount of energy I'm have to put into a product I purchased from you all to actually work is a bit disturbing

      this is the second time I've tried to accomplish this through this avenue.  I was told you would get back to mein a very short time.  We'll see.  I'm about ready to give up and find another program to fit my needs

      I cant even tell if this is being sent to you or not.  there is no send button. never mid i found the post button