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    hobbes.js vs wcm.io for GUI testing

    arjitbansal Level 1

      Hi ,


      Recently started UI testing with hobbes.js framework but couldn't find proper illustrations apart from we.retail examples like we-retail-instore.js , we-retail-devices.js etc.

      I am still confused whether to go with hobbes.js itself or is there another framework for testing GUI like i have heard about wcm.io

      Can anyone clear my dilemma which one would be better among hobbes.js and wcm.io and why?

      I have implemented few test cases using hobbes.js but when the test cases executes it just shows pass or fail with a green tick and red cross respectively.

      But in already implemented we-retail illustrations it shows proper working of the page in the viewport, say for example:

      It first navigates to the url specified in .naviagateTo( ) and then shows it like a demo . So how can i achieve that?

      And is there a way to debug the test cases ?

      My implementation:

      .addTestCase(new hobs.TestCase('Single display')


                  .asserts.exists('.class1' + ':eq(0)')

                  .asserts.exists('.class1' + ':eq(1)')