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    I bought Prem Pro CS6 a few years ago..and now...

    Targanon Level 1

      I bought Premiere Pro CS6 a few years ago.. I finally got it working nice under Windows 10 after upgrading my PC to Current Spec.


      I7 3.2ghz

      64gb ddr4 ram

      1080ti vid

      MVNe .2  boot

      SSD drives

      4K screens




      so after playing around for a fair while getting everything working Nice again..


      I went away to Work interstate...


      while away I did a fair amount of video and sound recording along with a huge number of Images..


      so a couple of days after getting home I figured that since its raining I would take a look at the video I collected etc.


      imagine the surprise I get when I get a message from Adobe saying my software is counterfeit and that I should contact Adobe ...


      So I log into my adobe account and check a few things .. all my products are still in the list of purchased products from Adobe..


      so I try to call the help line supplied with the on screen message, only to find its not attended.


      So I have 2 products that according to Adobe are counterfeit.


      yet they are still listed in the the list of my products with the serial no.


      if you guys know what I supposed to do I'd love to know how do I get rid of the annoying popup.. telling me my software is non genuine.

      and why would it say so when adobe themselves recognise it int he account manager..



      PS. if this is in the wrong area could one of the mods please move it to the correct group..

      I don't use forums often.