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    Where Does Eclipse Store Project Names?

      In multiple attempts to get Eclipse to work with CFEclipse (which I've addressed in other posts), I've uninstalled and reinstalled both several times. I uninstall Eclipse and CFEclipse by deleting the files in C:\Eclipse, the folder I unzipped the Eclipse files to. But after I uninstall and then reinstall, when I attempt to create a project it tells me the project "overlaps the location of another project". How can that be, when I've uninstalled the program? There should be no projects defined at this point. Therefore, I need to know where I go to edit the Eclipse list of projects. Apparently it isn't stored in the same folder you unzip the Eclipse files into.

      Thanks in advance,
      Gwen H
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          GwenH wrote:
          > the location of another project". How can that be, when I've uninstalled the
          > program? There should be no projects defined at this point. Therefore, I need

          and what about the project dirs themselves? did you clean those out as well?
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            craigkaminsky Level 3

            It sounds like you need to clear out your workspace. Eclipse uses a Workspace (you can have more than 1) as a central storage for preferences, global settings, projects, and the like. The location of the workspace is typically set when you launch Eclipse for the first time. You'll get an alert dialog asking you to select a workspace and you can check a box to tell Eclipse to use this workspace as the default and not to ask again. On a Mac, by default, it wants to create a workspace in /Users/username/Documents/Eclipse. If I recall correctly from my PC days, Eclipse would look to place your workspace in your "My Documents" folder by default.

            The workspace contains a series of files/folders (the important ones are "hidden" files/folders like the folder .metadata, which contains all kinds of useful files/details). It might be fastest to run the following search in Windows: ".metadata". The .metadata folder will be in your Eclipse workspace and is key, I believe, to solving your dilemma.

            Inside the metadata folder are more files/folders. Eclipse keeps a list of projects in the following location:
            WORKSPACE --> .metadata --> .plugins --> org.eclipse.core.resources --> .projects --> Folders referencing all your projects are in here

            You should be able to remove references to the projects in this folder and restart Eclipse. I have not had to do this for a while, so please be sure to back up everything before you clear it out!

            One final note: if your workspace is the same location as your web root or web/CF projects, you might want to move the workspace to an alternate location (projects do not have to be housed in the workspace). I keep all my websites in my web root but my workspace is in another location/folder. I like this separation a bit more but it's certainly not a right/wrong.

            Good luck!
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              GwenH Level 1
              I found the .metadata folder, but there was no .projects folder anywhere in it or any of its subfolders, including the .plugins folder.

              So, deleted the folder C:\eclipse and all of its contents (this is where I unzipped my Eclipse files). Then I deleted the .metadata folder and all of its contents. Then I emptied my recycle bin and restarted my computer. Next, I reinstalled Eclipse, unzipping the program files to c:\eclipse again. It asked me to define a workspace. I selected C:\Documents and Settings\Gwen H\My Documents\Websites\. This is the folder where all my .CFM files are stored. Finally, I installed CFEclipse. Everything seems to be working correctly. I can select CFEclipse as a perspective.

              Next, inside Eclipse I went to File > New > Project. I selected CFML Project and clicked next. I typed in a project name, then selected the project location as C:\Documents and Settings\Gwen H\My Documents\Websites\WebsiteSubfolder\. Here is the error message I get:

              "C:\Documents and Settings\Gwen H\My Documents\Websites\WebsiteSubfolder overlaps the location of another project: "Project Name".

              Why is Eclipse still finding the old project? Am I not doing these steps in the right order? For example, when I open Eclipse and it asks me to define a workspace, do I need to click Cancel and define a project first? I just don't understand why Eclipse thinks the first, brand-new project I define after a complete uninstall/reinstall overlaps an existing project. Considering the fact that I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled both Eclipse and CFEclipse, AND deleted the .metadata folder before doing the reinstall, you would think that Eclipse would not find any existing projects.

              This is very frustrating because according to other posts, I won't be able to view or edit the code for any .cfm files until I define a project. But for some reason I can't define a project. I get this error message even when I use a different project name and specify a different subfolder within C:\Documents and Settings\Gwen H\My Documents\Websites\. Any insights would be most appreciated.

              Thanks in advance,
              Gwen H
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                GwenH Level 1
                Update: I defined a second workspace: C:\Eclipse\Workspace. After I switch to that workspace, I am able to define projects. Does this mean that the files I use to define a project cannot be in the same folder on my computer as the current workspace? If so, where do I go to delete the first Workspace I created? I won't be needing it.

                I would also like to say that in Eclipse, there ****really**** needs to be a place you go within the program to delete workspaces and projects. How hard would it be to make this accessible from the menu within the program, rather than hiding it in hidden files, which are hidden in hidden folders? For heaven's sake, make it easy for first-time users who mess up on the first project or workspace definition to get rid of incorrectly created workspaces and projects. This would eliminate a lot of installation headaches.

                Thanks in advance,
                Gwen H
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                  Never mind - I found the answer here:


                  I am so thankful I can finally move past the initial installation issues and start using Eclipse. !!!!!!!

                  Gwen H
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                    I am trying to create a new CFEclipse project but I get this: "C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\MyProject overlaps the location of another project: 'MyProject'". I deleted all of my old workspaces and this still happens. Some people seem to think it has to do with the CF8 extensions for Eclipse.




                    This is really getting frustrating. Can anyone help?


                    Flex 3.3 SDK, Flex Builder 3.02, ColdFusion 8.1, Eclipse 3.3.3