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    How big of a deal is the GPU memory bandwith in video editing in terms of speed? Quadro P5000 Mobile vs GTX 1080 (video editing laptop decision)


      I had a big interest in the Lenovo 17 inch Thinkpad p71 given the Thinkpads' reputation for durability until I realized that with even their highest graphics card option (Quadro P5000 mobile), the memory bandwith would be only 190Gb/s compared to 320Gb/s bandwith on the Alienware 17R4's GTX 1080 (notebook version).


      I've never heard so much emphasis be put on the memory bandwith of a GPU until I read section 5 of the /r/buildapcvideoediting wiki. Perhaps because I'm an ex-gamer and VRAM capacity is a big deal in gaming rigs, but not as much in video editing machines?


      From the wiki it seems like memory bandwith is like the most important thing to have in terms of editing speed, so I'd just like to confirm.


      How important is memory bandwith to live timeline rendering speeds and speeds in general in Adobe Premiere? How important a role does total VRAM capacity play in video editing speeds in general?