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    Lines Collapse


      So, I've been working with Adobe Draw for quite some time and everything was just fine,lately thou am facing an issue and don't know what went wrong. Lately I noticed that while drawing on the iPad everything runs smoothly with the lines,few minutes later the lines starts to collapse and create some weird gaps and rough edges. Am attaching an image guys,if anybody knows anything please help.
      Thank you.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Andreas.


          This issue did pop up a couple of times (with repeated erasing and redrawing or with layers that have been repeatedly merged) in a previous version of the app but I haven't heard about it in quite some time. 


          What version of the app are you using?

          What device are you on and what version of iOS?

          Are you seeing this happen in every drawing? Or is it only in this drawing that you've posted?


          Please let me know.




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            Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

            Hi Andreas,


            You may also Contact Customer Care for more detailed troubleshooting.




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              Hello Sue,


              Thank you for responding!



              I am using Adobe Draw version 4,5 on an iPad Pro iOS 11,1.
              No it's not happening in every drawing,it happened 3 times!
              Since i posted this didn't happen again. I noticed though that the times that the issue pop up is when I use to work with smaller dimension,but it might be just a coincidence!


              Best Regards,



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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                It's good that it's not happening anymore.


                What I think may be the same issue did pop up a couple of timesin a previous version of the app but I haven't heard about it since. It seemed to happen when someone was drawing two or three strokes, then using undo. Then drawing two or three more strokes, then using undo. After doing that over and over, the original lines would eventually become fuzzy.


                The "workaround" was to avoid doing too many undos on any given layer. And, to instead, do something like the followingL

                1. Create two new layers… one for drawing and one for holding

                2. Select the inking layer and draw

                3. Once you’ve hit undo a few times, merge the layer down to the holding layer (the line fuzziness also showed up when merging layers too many times so doing that as little as possible will help too)

                4. Create another new inking layer and go back to step #2


                Like I said, though, I hadn't seen this problem crop up in the most recent version of the app. And, it sounds like you haven't seen the problem since, but just in case this helps, I wanted to post about it.