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Jeff Almasol
Learn how to use Character Animator through the following tutorials and videos! Sample project & artwork files can also be found on the Examples page.   Building Your Own Animated Face by the… (Show more)
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How do I take a 6x9 print file (using inches) and add two iPad alternate layouts (using pixels) to the same file?
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So recently I tried to import a word document into InDesign and I have some questions about it. First, it will be a really big book with more than 1000 pages (not mine) and it's a real struggle to… (Show more)
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I had a message that Catalog was damaged and needed repair.  Ran repair.  Now says Catalog can not be repaired.  What does this mean and what do I do??
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How to do this scrip for Necktag group , like layers (shadow) c.pfaffenbichler   activeDocument.layers.getByName("shadow").visible = true;      
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Hello forum. i am a new user of framemaker since may2017. I have little skill  with VBA and javascript but not professionnal  . with my new job i receive every month documentantion from… (Show more)
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Acrobat 9 Standardのディスクが見つからなくなり、違うパソコンにインストールできなくなってしまいました。 ProDesign Toolsには日本語版が見当たらず、困っております。 サポートにも到達できず、途方に暮れております。 対処法がありましたら、ご助言いただけると幸いです。 よろしくお願いいたします。
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Hi,   I would like to attend the upcoming webinars.   Please let me know where can I subscribe.   Good day, Manoj Kandasamy.
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