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Hi As we approach winter, here in the UK, it is nice to look back (or forward) too those nice warm summer days. This bridge is in the market town of Stokesley in North Yorkshire, England on a nice… (Show more)
in Photoshop
If I need to apply a tracking of 0.12 x the font size in InDesign, what value do I enter in the tracking field?
in InDesign
Jim Curtis
This problem has gone back several versions.  Pr works fine with intraframe and MPEG-2 footage, but drops frames like crazy or won't even play 4K AVCHD, DJI, and other Long-GOP footage WITHOUT ANY… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
Can you make this number plate readable? This picture is a screenshot taken from the CC footage. I have the original CC footage as well. The numbers in the plate are written in local language. So, if… (Show more)
in Photoshop
Opening any project, AfterEffects CC 2019 does not recognise colour effects added via the baked-in third party plug-in SA Color Finesse. Error message: "After Effects warning: this project contains a… (Show more)
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Matters Most
I have installed Adobe XD few minutes ago and when i try to open it, it just closes automatically, without any error or so. Here are my PC specs: Intel i5-8600 CPU @ 3.1GHz 8GB RAM DDR4 3000MHz… (Show more)
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Matters Most
The only thing that is 'typical' is you locking a thread anytime you dont like what's been said.
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Matters Most
Hello,   I am creating a menu for a Blu-ray where I want have some pseudo-animation going on, based on user input. I don't really want to describe it as true "animation" per se, so bear with me here… (Show more)
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