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Hey all, Exited about some of the new features today, however I can't find the setting to switch back to not having my layers transform proportionally by default. This is such a major change in… (Show more)
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We have a 100 device license for Creative Cloud that does not expire until July 2019.  Today I updated to the latest versions of the apps which appear to be 2019 versions, and now all the apps say… (Show more)
Adobe Max is underway, and the next major update of the CC apps is imminent, so I thought I'd start a thread to keep all the information together in one place.  I 'think' the updates start rolling… (Show more)
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Hi there,   I've got a help system with a parent project and 25 child projects. Where do I create a glossary for all of the projects? I have created a glossary in the parent project but it doesn't… (Show more)
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I upgraded my macbook to mojave 10.14 (18A391), and Acrobat Reader DC(19.008.20071) is frozen every time when I open it. I tried to uninstall it and download the version here Adobe Acrobat Reader DC… (Show more)
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Hello, i have printing issues with 19.008.020071v. Printing problems are solved in new 19.008.020074v. I am using Adobe Customization Wizard to configure AdobeDC. In this link for enterpise i can… (Show more)
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Hello Everyone,   My Requirement is i want to draw string in table cell  in the c++.I am referring cellPanel InDesign SDK sample. when i am using IGraphicsPort::show  method its working fine.But i… (Show more)
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Hello all!  Jeanette from the product team here.  I wanted to give the community some information on what is happening with Fuse and Mixamo.  In 2015 Mixamo was acquired by Adobe.  At that time we… (Show more)
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