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Jeff Almasol
Video Tutorials Learn how to use Character Animator through the following tutorials and videos! Sample puppets can be found on the Examples page. For video answers to common questions, see the Video… (Show more)
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Piter H
How to disable automatic function of adding all used colors in document. My Illustrator start to add all colors used in document even CMYK, and biuld huge group of swatches (making mess). How to turn… (Show more)
in Illustrator
Bonjour à tous,   Après de nombreux essais et recherche, je n'arrive pas à annuler mon abonnement adobe. J'ai tenté de téléphoner, de trouver le chat mais rien à faire, pas moyen de contacter… (Show more)
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Hi   I imported my Wordpress files via FTP to Dreamweaver as it is much easier to edit etc in Dreamweaver.   When I go to preview any page I have imported or any changes I have made, it loads up in… (Show more)
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You can install the apps available in Creative Cloud on your primary computer and one backup computer, as long as they are not running at the same time. You will have access to both the Mac OS and… (Show more)
Matters Most
Matters Most
I just upgraded my MacBook and started using Creative Cloud. I copied very important files to the CC folder and all seemed to be working correctly. Today, I go to open/update my resume' and all the… (Show more)
Matters Most
I have photo files, their names are catalog numbers, eg 62.003.jpg, etc. Unfortunately, when saving for example to the internet, photoshop truncates the name to 62.jpg. This causes me many problems… (Show more)
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