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Operating System:Windows 7 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):LR 5.7.1 I had to reinstall LR 5 after an enforced computer wipe. I installed from the disc I bought and then updated… (Show more)
Good afternoon people! A happy year of 2018 for all of this community How do I add to my script some command that allows me to register the path of the last opened file every time I open the dialog… (Show more)
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Hello there!   I am setting up my CV, and I need to have it in two languages – Italian and English – without using two separated documents at a time. I am mostly using Paragraph and Character… (Show more)
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Hello,   Why is my logo not sharp? It is made with photoshop: 2400x2400px saved as PNG. When the logo is bigger, you will not the edges of the circle. How can i fix this?   Logo:… (Show more)
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Heya,   I've already got a textline with the images linked onto it below:   </div> <div class="media all September"> <a href="images/2017/fulls 2/000001.jpg"><img src="images/2017/thumbs… (Show more)
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I work for School System as our distribute license has expired I can not renew because the link  gives me a secure… (Show more)
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Ive been working on a pdf adding comments and highlighting, when all of sudden acrobat showed a message "file is empty 0kb" and quitted! The file is still there but inaccessbile, showing 0 kb size. I… (Show more)
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As if we all don't have enough on our plates to go through these hoops.  Please.. Please... and triple Please make things easier by making your archives available for past AND CURRENT versions.  We… (Show more)
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