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In CS6 I don't have a menu option to load files into layers. Did they get rid if it?
in Bridge General Discussion
I would like to notify that a recently installed version of Adobe Photoshop CS2 appears to be non-functional as the bundled application, Adobe Bridge, does not include two library files, as the tests… (Show more)
in Bridge General Discussion
I am conducting research about what universities provide CC access to students on personal devices via some type of university licensing systems.   I am most interested in which universities (or… (Show more)
in Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe should just dismiss this people responsible for the latest Lightroom import menu. But they listened and today they reverted Lightroom to the old Import Menu. Thank you Adobe!  But why torture… (Show more)
in Acrobat Reader
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I just upgraded my MacBook and started using Creative Cloud. I copied very important files to the CC folder and all seemed to be working correctly. Today, I go to open/update my resume' and all the… (Show more)
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I have photo files, their names are catalog numbers, eg 62.003.jpg, etc. Unfortunately, when saving for example to the internet, photoshop truncates the name to 62.jpg. This causes me many problems… (Show more)
in Photoshop General Discussion
SatGraphics Art
I've researched until my eyes water, and I've turned my scripts and code inside out, but I continue to miss the answer.   There had been, in the past, an issue with mis-named img / image path is… (Show more)
in Dreamweaver support forum
Hi,   my problem is already discussed on the following pages (none of them has an answer/solution):… (Show more)
in Using Flash Player
Every new catalog I create (monthly) defaults to create 1440px previews- so assuming I forget to switch this stupid setting every time I create a catalog, which is every single time, my computer… (Show more)
in Photoshop Lightroom
I've got Windows 8.1. I am the administrator on my laptop. All my other CC apps updated correctly except photoshop. The old version was not uninstalled and the new version had an installation error… (Show more)
in Adobe Creative Cloud
Hello All, I am trying to change the log level of error log through system/console. However this changes are not getting reflected in the logs. What could be the reason for this.
in Adobe Experience Manager
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