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This is a problem that was first observed with CF8 using the cfchart tag. We have since upgraded to CF2016 and it still exists. Perhaps this is a programming error on our part but here is the issue:… (Show more)
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I began with Dreamweaver 2017 a few days ago, and I have a question. Preview in Primary Browser.  This works well, but I get a preset title: 'Real Time Preview.'   By right-clicking on a file, from… (Show more)
in Dreamweaver support forum
When I go to transform a layer or selection now, the transform tools behave exactly the same, whether I have the Maintain Aspect Ratio preference in the toolbar selected or not. It defaults to… (Show more)
in Photoshop
Any buddy else having an issue with the control panel going blank after the 2019 update? I've uninstall and reinstalled (twice, once keeping the app prefs and the second time removing them). Once… (Show more)
in InDesign
So I have been using Adobe Contribute to manage our business website for some time.  It has worked great for our needs but the computer Contribute was downloaded on crashed.  I have used up the free… (Show more)
I kinda have the same issue, which can be seen on this forum here: Re: Photoshop loading cursor when drawing lines? except not the loading icon. On the eraser tool or sometimes on the brush tool, the… (Show more)
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Hello there.   I use Captivate for a pretty specific use case. I make all of my content inside of Adobe Animate and then export as an AOM. I then import that into Captivate and eventually export it… (Show more)
in Adobe Captivate
Here goes Adobe again with a pathetic decision to NOT include Lightroom CC in the Creative Cloud for Teams ALL APPS plan. Why? We pay more for this plan vs the individual Creative Cloud plan. We pay… (Show more)
I have this project I'm working on based on an assignment from Dreamweaver in A Book chapter 7 Designing For Mobile Devices. I did the assignment but when I try to apply it to my project I'm… (Show more)
in Dreamweaver support forum
Using Audtion CC 2015 and while in Audition, my mono files are suddenly playing in left channel only. After saving a file I can open it in another media player and it plays in both channels. Only in… (Show more)
in Audition CS5.5, CS6 & CC
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I have been trying to invert the colors of my PDF so that it has white text on a black background. I have found information about how to use Accessibility features within the app so that it appears… (Show more)
in Editing & Exporting PDFs
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