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I am using the lates illustrator CC and its using up all my memory all of a sudden. I get a message - Out of Memory Force quit one of these applications. I am on an iMac. Activity Monitor says it at… (Show more)
in Illustrator
Tim Brandt
So, I've made an accordion menu in Muse. It has a few problems though. One is that it's too long, so in small desktop resolutions and on mobile devices, the last part of the menu is cut off, and when… (Show more)
Hi,   it seems that building with phonegap does not produce an apk with cordova-plugin-media enabled and audio permssion, thus not making audio playback possible.   I notice that media plugin is… (Show more)
in PhoneGap Build
Hello everybody,     I know that I'm not the first one with this question, but still I could not find an answer anywhere that I understand.     I want to create an interactive PDF for the first… (Show more)
in InDesign
I am sick to the back teeth with AMD.   In the last 12 months, their buggy driver software has seriously impacted my working in either Photoshop or Office on a Windows 10 PC. The Office bug was… (Show more)
in Photoshop
I have upgraded to the most recent Adobe InDesign CC 2018. I have published my interactive pdf online but the text boxes don't work. I essentially want to create a mad libs form and have people fill… (Show more)
in InDesign
A strange question I know.   Hi. I am using Photoshop CC on a dual screen set up with Windows 8. I notice when using the program that my screen slowly but surely dims and re-brightens in what seems… (Show more)
in Photoshop
LR6 on windows 10 back up to external drive with SincToy,  folder travel with 14500 photos ok,  all 19 subfolders greyed out with question mark, when I right click and go to HD locate folder select… (Show more)
Bonjour, je viens d'acheter le Sony Alpha 7M3 et je voudrai savoir quand Lightroom cc prendra en charge ce boitier. Merci
Is it possible in some way to select a bunch of photos, and then have the WB picker, pick from the same point on each individual picture?   The situation is as follows: I've set up a camera to take… (Show more)
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