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hhola buenas tardes eh intetando comunicarme. Los teléfonos me dic eque le servicio no esta disponible, ya intente con los pasos que dice  la página de asistencia para cancelar al suscripción, pero… (Show more)
in Foro en español
I cannot open file that create from adobe draw to Illustrator CC. I click sent file in Draw app and received "sent!" notification, but nothing show in Illustrator CC   I try to fix it by using… (Show more)
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Previous attempts to download the file by links provided by Adobe tech support overwrote extended nine but the serial numbers do not work in those versions… (Show more)
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K Marie P
I purchased CS4 for Windows in 2008 and my pc died. I replaced it with a Mac. Is there any means to get a replacement for the new OS? Kim
in Adobe Creative Cloud
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Hi y'all,   This question stems from my finding that when I take burst photos on my GH5 I create an Mp4.  Unfortunately, the exif data isn't displayed in the metadata view for MP4's.  I'm primarily… (Show more)
in Bridge
I have read a hundred different versions of this thread, and I still am having issues with my output file.  Here is what I have tried: In After Effects, exporting my composition to Media Encoder… (Show more)
in Adobe Creative Cloud
Hi All I have spend all day trying to figure out why my text inputs changing their order position based on which one is being typed with no luck. Here is a video for this issue  … (Show more)
in Dreamweaver support forum
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Volodymyr Kashuba
Hi all. Need a little help. I just built a new PC, Installed clean Windows 10, all Adobe CC2019 software and updated to the latest 13.0.2 version. Also installed Encore CS6 and when I opened it for a… (Show more)
in Encore
Hi everyone, so here is a weird one. I have been editing with CC2018 in Windows 10 and took to the road recently with a new Macbook Pro for a test run. Opening up the project everything linked fine… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
Hello,   I’ve been having trouble accessing adobe premiere on my iMac.   It won’t open/launch after my 2017 membership ended and I renewed it. I get the same error message even though my… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
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I have already trimmed  & arranged some clips in the timeline. And next, I want it to "automate to sequence". But after I select & drag those clips from timeline to out in the new bin, its order… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
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