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I had a project on AE CC 2017, where I basically had a layer of the map of the earth with a CCSphere function, and another layer with a global cloud map image with a CCSphere function set very… (Show more)
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Hey Guys,   I want to purchase a new laptop, looking for something value for money which is future proof (4K, 5K videos) for at least 4-5 years. I am currently using Premiere Pro and these are my… (Show more)
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Bonjour, Lors de ma dernière ouverture de LR Classic CC, la fenêtre Mise à niveau du catalogue s'est ouverte. Confiant, j'ai cliqué sur Mettre à niveau. Résultat, mon catalogue s'est retrouvé à… (Show more)
in Lightroom Classic CC
I am trying to export an INDD doc without bleeds, and every time I try, it ends up with full printer's marks. I definitely have *nothing* checked in the PDF export dialogue box that would indicate I… (Show more)
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Hi, I recently got the Lightroom CC Mobile app for my iPad and iPhone.  I have taken photos with my Nikon DSLR that includes location data.  The location data shows up fine if I sync my photos into… (Show more)
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How can I protect most of my document but allow an editable form that a reader can fill in?  I want the contents secure except for an application form that the reader must fill in and send back. … (Show more)
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I'm trying to match some font to this "road" I made in photoshop 2018, and there is a handy button that allows you to warp it even moreso than just the transform tool.   It's right beside the yes… (Show more)
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I have a problem with Indesign CC, I am running 2018 now but I had the same problem with the 2017 version.   When I open a slightly older document—that Indesign automatically opens as a "Converted… (Show more)
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Not sure whether this is a Lightroom or Photoshop Forum question.  I'm using Lightroom CC to send Canon EOS M6 CR2 raw files to Photoshop CC.  Problem is, the raw file bypasses the ACR screen and… (Show more)
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Hello, Musers, I've discovered a bug. If you embed a YouTube video with the Adobe Widget, the video will stop when you switch to full-screen mode (mobile devices). Only when the phone is already in… (Show more)
I teach Photoshop. I have some students who need to complete a 3D assignment but their computer does not have the appropriate video card which supports it for Photoshop CC. Is it possible for them to… (Show more)
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