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Hi there, I wanted to add a page property while creating a new page and below is my partial code of dialog.xml   <blogAuthor    jcr:primaryType="nt:unstructured"   … (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Manager
I need to change my Adobe password but sends the request to my college logon.  Since I graduated from my college, they have deleted my logon ID and cannot/will not recreate it.   Adobe support line… (Show more)
in Adobe Creative Cloud
Hello,   when I test my site, some words are separated wrong and without using a hyphen. Attached is an example with the words "mountai ns" and "countrie s". Here is the link to the site: Homepage… (Show more)
Hello,   I am having trouble relinking media in a Premiere Pro Team Project.  My company flew in a freelance editor to help with a project and he's only here this week.  I have a 2 computer license… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Acrobat_ version 18.01.15 _iOS iPad Air 2 = 11.2.2 _iOS iPhone 7 = 11.2.2 _iOS iPhone 7+= 11.2.2   *This is a common occurrence recently on multiple iOS devices, not sure if it is the updated… (Show more)
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I work for School System as our distribute license has expired I can not renew because the link  gives me a secure… (Show more)
in Using Flash Player
I've installed the latest version of Illustrator CC (22.0.1). We have to save our cut-files to legacy version 8. But if i try to reopen those files (eps and ai files) i get an error and the file is… (Show more)
in Illustrator
I've finally used the Dynamic Link feature with After Effects, and I really like the way it works!  But I'm finding in my project that the puppet scene I imported is pretty highly rasterized. Has… (Show more)
in Character Animator
Hi I keep on receiving this message when I go to preview my site now all of the sudden     I thought that once you use webfonts and download them through the adobe muse typekit or webfonts… (Show more)
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Ive been working on a pdf adding comments and highlighting, when all of sudden acrobat showed a message "file is empty 0kb" and quitted! The file is still there but inaccessbile, showing 0 kb size. I… (Show more)
Hi there,   After seeing the demo of the new #VoCo project, I'm quite interested in becoming a beta tester. I'm a Creative Cloud user, and I do freelance editing, mixing, composing and sound design… (Show more)
in Audition CS5.5, CS6 & CC
I used my Adobe Digital Editions really often and never had any problem.   Today, I tried downloading a book from the same site I always download it (public library) and it says:… (Show more)
in Adobe Digital Editions
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