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A vendor of ours creates documents from Word inputs, and emits postscript.   By default, they embed their fonts into the postscript.  But they offer the option not to do so, relying on… (Show more)
in PostScript Programming
Good morning,   I'm using InDesign for the first time.  I created a 42 page book but it was after I finished that entire thing that I created the book in the wrong size. Instead of starting over… (Show more)
in InDesign
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Estoy haciendo mockup en figuras cónicas y cilíndricas, y me topo con fallos que no sé como sortear. La ilustración es un dibujo en ai, convertido en símbolo tras expandir apariencia. Si lo mapeo en… (Show more)
in Foro en español
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プレミアで書き出した動画をSDカードに入れ、カーナビで再生しようとすると全く再生できません。   カーナビの取説の対応動画フォーマットをみて書き出しているのですが、プレミアの中での細かい設定項目が間違っているのか分からず再生   もできてません。   以下対応動画仕様ですので、プレミアでは設定変更すべき項目がどれでどこに載っているのか教えてください。   よろしくお願いします。  
Usually i have no issues with developing in Lightroom . Changes are instant and i see no issues. Other times, it takes 5 seconds for every slider adjustment. Even after a computer restart, and making… (Show more)
I am a professor at UMSL and will be traveling to Germany to teach a month long digital communications class at our sister university.  I want to teach the students some video skills as a art of the… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
I am using below code in bookmark to lock group of fields in my acroform. I found this code in made by  George_Johnson. I used two bookmark for two… (Show more)
in PDF Forms
Today I received a message that my LR Catalog was corrupt and unrepairable.  I went to my backup catalog on my #2 EHD and copied it to my Working 4 TB EHD.   My problem is, that I cannot see my… (Show more)
Hi there,   I am Mac OS 10.13.5 with Lightroom Classic 7.4 and Camera 10.4. Everything is working fine - ( I updated to High Sierra some days ago ) but if I do the conversion to DNG the preview is… (Show more)
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Hallo, obwohl ich die neue Version, wie vom Kundenservice empfohlen, heruntergeladen habe, bekomme ich immer folgende Fehlermeldung:   Es konnte keine Verbindung zu Adobe hergestellt werden um das… (Show more)
Hi I am facing a issue while printing of PDF files. I have 50 pdf files in 1 folder and when I select all the file and print everything it will not print it in serial wise, it will print it randomly.… (Show more)
in Printing & Prepress
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