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Hello, I am trying to save a PDF and every time it is a blank page. Searched previous forums and they recommend the following below, however, I do not have those options under… (Show more)
in Acrobat Reader
Hi i have downloaded a new extension or preset that is video library   I downloaded zxpinstaller but it is saying it cant be installed in the program why???   I have adobe after effects cs6   And… (Show more)
in After Effects
Hi guys! At once I apologize for my English. I need some script that will be open .jpg file, select it, trace it with my tracing preset, and do some action. I'm new in the scripting and my firt try… (Show more)
in Illustrator
It would be great to introduce "seg-dims" into Adobe Workspace. What I mean by this is the ability to almost folder/group created segments. Current workaround for this is by naming segments 'x: abc'…
I made a mistake and dropped a bin folder directly into the sequence instead of selected all the clips inside the folder.  I began pulling my selects and about 3 hours in I noticed the clips were… (Show more)
in Premiere Pro CC
I have a CC Membership which should have a 1TB app size limit. However, when I attempt to upload a large zip file or pull from my GIT repository, I receive the following message.   " We're sorry,… (Show more)
in PhoneGap Build
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Tried printing today from FM to Xerox WorkCentre  70225, and got an error message saying it was incompatible. Has anyone else seen that?Is it merely some weird one-off with this printer model?… (Show more)
in Adobe FrameMaker
Currently using PSE 12 on Win 10. I've created with PSE 12 and earlier, galleries but they require flash which is a real problem.   Does PSE 2018 create something like the old galleries? And are… (Show more)
in Photoshop Elements
I have a custom preset that is 9.5 by 12 in. I click on my masters and pages to use this template of size. But when I drag my masters over to a page I get   When I click keep current or use… (Show more)
in InDesign
Hi all,   I'm having a little problem with something that I believe should be quite simple. I'm trying to create a deck chair's striped canvas, which tapers from the top to the bottom of the shape.… (Show more)
in Illustrator
Is it necessary to increase resolution of an image if we are increasing width and height of an image. Let say I have an image 700x523 and I want to change it to 800x598 and resolution is 72, should I… (Show more)
in Photoshop
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I want to put a button on a form, that saves the completed form to XML? Can that be done?
in PDF Forms
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