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  • Brief BioSenior Interactive Software Engineer - Artist - Author - Adobe Education Leader - Adobe Community Professional
  • Adobe Products / System InformationJoseph Labrecque is primarily employed by the University of Denver as a senior interactive software engineer specializing in the creation of expressive desktop, web, and mobile solutions. His work incorporates a strong focus on the Adobe Flash Platform alongside more general web standards initiatives involving the use of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and related technologies.

    He is also the proprietor of Fractured Vision Media, LLC; a digital media production company, technical consultancy, and distribution vehicle for a variety of creative works. Joseph authors video courses and written works through organizations which include, Peachpit Press, Packt Publishing, O'Reilly Media, Adobe Press, and video2brain. He speaks regularly at conferences such as Adobe MAX, FITC, 360|Flex/Stack, and for a variety of local community groups.

    Joseph is an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Community Professional. He received the Adobe Education Impact Award in 2010 and currently serves on the AEL Advisory Board.
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Skills and Expertise

  • actionscript1
  • adobe air1
  • adobe media server1
  • angularjs1
  • bootstrap1
  • brackets1

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