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Asking questions on the Adobe Forums

Sometimes we have questions about Adobe software. Maybe it's because we want to know what's new in the latest version, how to use a specific feature, or wondering what that error message means. Whatever the reason, you can ask your questions on the Adobe forums, where others who use these applications daily share their expertise. Likely, someone else has already asked the same question and received an answer. So the fastest way to get what you need is to check if someone else has done so first.


We want the forums to be easy to use, so we have this question:


Do you use the "Ask a Question: What can we help you with?" box at the top when you first get to the forums?

Poll Results
  • Yes! I use it every time. (42%)
  • No. I always start a new discussion (22%)
  • No. What's that do? (14%)
  • I've tried in the past, but no longer use it due to unsatisfactory results. (22%)


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