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    CS6 - no external monitoring of Program with AJA Kona

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I guess this is still unsupported by AJA, since they don't have the Adobe AJA plugs updated for CS6 on their site as of an hour ago.


      BUT... I copied the AJA folder from my Library>ApplicationSupport>Adobe>Plug-ins>Common>MediaCore>CS5.5 folder into the one for CS6. 


      AJA shows up in the Preferences>Playback>Default Player option.  I can get full-screen external monitoring through the Kona in the Source window, and also with the Hover Scrub.  Just nothing in the Program, which means I can't get CUDA external full-screen playback... yet.


      So... has anybody figured a workaround to get playback on a Kona with Pr CS6?


      Mac 10.6.8, latest drivers, etc. Kona LHi