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    Page numbers in Word TOC not correct; have to open doc and update

    MM Acton Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp HTML 9 and Word 2010.


      I generate a Word doc (.docx) as one of my outputs. The Word TOC works -- that is, if I Ctrl-Click one of the items in the TOC, I'm taken to that item.


      A user just came up to me asking why the page numbers are off. Here's what I see.


      I use SSL to generate the Word doc.

      In the TOC, I look for the topic "Setting Up Comments." It's listed as being on page 30.

      I Ctrl-Click that TOC item and it takes me to the topic, but when I look at the footer, it says this is page 28.


      If I go back to the TOC, right-click, and choose "Update page numbers only", Word updates the TOC, which now shows the correct page number, page 28.


      In other words, generating my printed doc is now a multi-step process:


      1. Use SSL to generate the Word doc.
      2. Open the Word doc and update the TOC.
      3. Save the Word doc.


      Shouldn't the TOC be right the first time around? Am I forgetting to do something?