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    How can I convert a basic Flash movie slide to be compatible with tablets and smart phones?


      One of the movie slides I am looking to convert is here http://www.krtartistry.info/print.html


      When I search for information it gets technical and confusing and I can never find exactly what I am looking for. Do I have to completely re-do the movie slides in a different format in Flash? If so, which one? What publish settings do a I need to have? If I do, how can I make sure the background is transparent so the background of the site itself comes through? Do I have to insert the movie slide differently in DreamWeaver or change some sort of formatting so everything comes through correctly?


      I tried making the movie slide using the Android format but I have no idea if it came through correctly for the aforementioned products as I don't own any of them. I don't have a smart phone or a tablet, but I need to be compatible for potential employers and freelance jobs. I am using Flash CS5.5, but I am not great with Flash as I rarely use it. Please keep in mind that I am a novice in Flash.


      Any help provided is hugely apprectiated. Thank you.