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    CS6 - Wow, H.264 performance greatly improved

    needles27 Level 3

      I edit footage mostly from a 5D, and working in CS5.5 on a Mac made me want to rethink my career.  I finally had to start transcoding all of my footage to ProRes just to be able to do simple edits. (No more use venting about the H.264 experience anymore...)


      But, I just did a couple simple tests with CS6, and all I can say is wow.  It is like night and day - scrubbing perfectly, no lags when hitting play/pause, jumps right to a frame when moving the playhead instead of updating seconds later.  I'm on the exact same hardware, so they must have done some serious tweaking for CS6 to make this much of an improvement.  I feel like (at least on the Mac side) this finally fulfills a lot of the promises that CS5.5 claimed when it came to native DSLR editing.