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    Jagged Edges in After Effects 5.5


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm somewhat new to AE, and am following a tutorial to make a 3d text intro video where the logo flies in from behind the camera and centers in the frame. My problem is that it seems that the text (or imported image) that I extrude to get the 3d feel has jagged edges that are really bad looking when seen up close during the 'fly-by'.



      This is what it looks like when I go to render it (and after it's rendered). Is there a setting that I'm missing that would prevent this severe stair stepping blockyness?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Forget it. You are using a hack when using Shatter. That's all it is. You are using an effect that was designed for something else and expect it to make pretty looking text. You can crank up the layer/ composition sizes to insane values to minimize the quantization and stairstepping, but it will never completely go away. Upgrade to CS6, buy an extrusion plug-in like Zaxwerks, use Photoshop Ligve 3D - whatever you have at hand/ can afford.