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    unable to get a valid CS6 MC 7z file downloaded


      I've tried 7 times now to download the CS6 MC trial. Every single time I've gotten a 7z file with errors in it. I've downloaded it 4 times on two different computers using the Adobe DL manager, and 3 different times using the direct link I was provided by tech support twice. Every single time, the installer returns an error message. I've examined the archive file with 7 zip and Winzip; both show multiple errors in the downloaded file: anywhere from 880 to 1240 of the 1393 files in the archive. I have yet to have the DL manager actually download the MasterCollection_CS6_LS16.exe file like it is supposed to.



      Win 7 sp1 64-bit (32 bit on second computer)

      more than enough disk space for the decompression of the archive and to do the install

      Kaspersky Internet security version 11 (will try one more time with it off)


      Have tried it using the Adobe DL manager, IE9, and Chrome. I'd really prefer not to burn through another 6.2GB download as I've already hit 45GB today!


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tech support on this, other than providing a direct link after much screwing around, was, shall we say, barely one step above a newbie reading a script from a screen.


      direct link provided was:




      And while I do appreciate that I have to have my adobe ID to download the file, it would have been nice if they had told me at first that I had to start a different download to trick my browser into letting me hit this link without giving an error.


      Is there supposed to be some trick to get this downloaded without a problem??


      Any help at this point would be appreciated.