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    Subtitles and Vertical Interval Timecode Madness

    JaysonM-Y Level 3

      Client asks me to do a text document with the timecode where the dialogue(s) begin.
      Dropped the 29.97fps file they gave me on to my timeline in premier pro with the same settings, copied the in points of the dialogue and translated to standard english to a text document.


      Client now requests the video in PAL.

      Ran the file thorugh Compressor 3 (Because media encoder made it jumpy).... I'm figuring I'll have to go and adjust those timecodes in the text file now...


      Client wants the video embeded with Vertical Interval Timecode...

      "Your file is NTSC at 29.97 and began at 00:00:00;00...."

      "... But it needs to have Vertical Interval Timecode at as STMPE."


      So guys, is there a difference in this sort of timecode versus the timecode embeded in the DV file?