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    Newbie problems: repeating fields running off page, formcalc on repeating columns

    Wildau Level 1

      Happy Tuesday.


      I'm having multiple problems with my form- I'd like to attach/upload it but I haven't been able to figure out how.


      1) I have a set of repeating fields (add instance of subform comprised of two fields) that repeat left to right across the page just fine, but when they reach the right margin they don't wrap to the next line, they just run right out of the subform and off of the page. How do I corral them to stay inside the lines?


      2) In another area of the form, I have a repeating row/table. At the bottom of each column, in the footer, I need to have the sum/total of the columns above it. I have made it work in just one column with Formcalc:


      $ = Sum(Row1[*].Summary_AmtBilled)


      but in subsequent columns the formula's not working. I have set the object>value type to calculated/read only for all of them.


      3) Lastly, how do you set the tab order for a repeating row so that the user can just tab along the rows as they add? In my add instance repeating row, the next row adds on exit but the tab skips it and goes to the footer.


      I have to add that I am woefully ignorant still of Javascript and Formcalc. I'm just a graphic designer, and very very new at interactivity and data things.


      Many thanks!