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    Loaded youtube video appearing above other layers. Help needed on getNextHighestDepth ()

    Polygon Jedi

      Dear All,


      I have loaded a youtube video inside a flash and also couple of other mouseover pulllout animations As of now the youtube video is loading above the other animations. If I replace the youtube video with a couple of images everything works fine. But with the youtube video. i'm not able to see the mouve over effects.


      Here's how I loaded the animation:



      function checkBounds1(X, Y, W, H)


          bounds1.onEnterFrame = function ()


              var _loc2 = _root._xmouse;

              var _loc3 = _root._ymouse;

              if (_loc2 < X || _loc2 > X + W || _loc3 < Y || _loc3 > Y + H)


                  delete bounds1.onEnterFrame;



              } // end if


      } // End of the function

      function checkBoundsCallback1()



          promo1.enabled = true;

      } // End of the function

      promo1.onRollOver = function ()



          this.enabled = false;

          checkBounds1(0, 0, 338, 228);


      var bounds1 = createEmptyMovieClip("bounds1", getNextHighestDepth());





      And here's how I loaded a youtube video:



      // create a MovieClip to load the player into

      var ytplayer:MovieClip = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("ytplayer",0);





      // create a listener object for the MovieClipLoader to use

      var ytPlayerLoaderListener:Object = {

        onLoadInit: function() {

          // When the player clip first loads, we start an interval to

          // check for when the player is ready

          loadInterval = setInterval(checkPlayerLoaded, 250);





      var loadInterval:Number;





      function checkPlayerLoaded():Void {

          // once the player is ready, we can subscribe to events, or in the case of

          // the chromeless player, we could load videos

          if (ytplayer.isPlayerLoaded()) {

              ytplayer.addEventListener("onStateChange", onPlayerStateChange);

              ytplayer.addEventListener("onError", onPlayerError);



      ytplayer._x = 95;

      ytplayer._y = 0;







      function onPlayerStateChange(newState:Number) {

          trace("New player state: "+ newState);




      function onPlayerError(errorCode:Number) {

          trace("An error occurred: "+ errorCode);




      // create a MovieClipLoader to handle the loading of the player

      var ytPlayerLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();




      // load the player

      ytPlayerLoader.loadClip("http://www.youtube.com/v/2K2554Wxssk&autoplay=1&loop=1", ytplayer);




      The animation code has been working for years now. I think all this has got to do with the getNextHighestDepth (). I have tired giving values like 0 and 1 but ended up helpess.

      Any help would really great at this point.