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    Search throwing error


      The Search functionality has been persistently throwing problems for me. As I was recommended in my earlier post I got my PC re-imaged and got a fresh installation of RH 9. But even after that the demo project I created threw up the same problem and on clicking the Search tab the message displayed was, Error:Failed to initialize database. Below is the screenshot, which will demonstrate the actual incident. I need a resolution fast since I have a couple of deliverables, which are dependent on this.


      search error.jpg

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          In the thread at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/985553 I did not recommend re-imaging. I suggested uninstalling and reinstalling. Installing RoboHelp via an image might be a problem and I emphasise "might" not "will". If you are having this problem with all projects, then I would uninstall from the imaged PC and reinstall with the DVDs.


          If following up a previous problem you have posted, it is best to continue that thread as it could contain useful information plus any replies will now be spread across two threads.


          Do you get this problem with all projects including the sample projects?


          Please see the Stick Topic "Before you post" and always start threads with the edition and version of RoboHelp you are using.


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