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    CS6 Auto-Save: 1 step forward, 1 step back

    needles27 Level 3

      I have done a little testing with the auto-save, and there is some progress with CS6 - especially in the area where earlier versions would stop playback or scrubbing to fire off an auto-save. 

      It looks like the auto-save does not stop playback or scrubbing on the timeline anymore.  It will stop you from other operations such as moving an audio slider or other non-critical mouse clicks.  I tested with 1 minute intervals, and it appears that it won't auto-save during playback or scrubbing in the background, and will wait until the next interval after playback has stopped until it saves. (Instead of taking the very next possible moment after playback has stopped to makeup for the save)  This seems like it could create the possibility that if you are playing back or scrubbing during multiple interval moments, you could have a long period where there are no auto-saves - especially if you set the interval to a high number.  Like I said, I only tested with a 1 minute interval, so maybe this functions differently if you save every 10 or 20 minutes.  Maybe then it will do an auto-save right after playback has stopped if it has been awhile.


      The step back is that if you hide PPro, (I'm on a Mac, btw) instead of just bouncing the dock icon during an auto-save like previous versions, it will actually bring PPro to the front and block out/cancel anything else you are doing on your machine.  How annoying!  I can't figure out the reason to have it function like this.  If it is simply hidden behind other windows, it does not do this, instead only brings to the front the small auto-save progress bar - It only happens if you hide the appplication.  For example, if you are moving back and forth between PPro and AE, you could be working away on a comp in AE and suddenly PPro jumps to the foreground to let you know it did an auto-save.  Since I have 2 monitors, I like to hide apps that I'm not working in to hide pallettes and other windows so I can have my desktop back.  Seems like the solution for now is to not hide PPro ever and to do a proper save more often to avoid the issue of potential long periods of no auto-saves. (And submit a bug report?)


      Anyways, long post for a potential trivial thing, but for those who care about this, it is a change.  Anyone else experiencing this?