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    Format text (bullets) with textFrame.contents = variable


      It's been a while since my last InDesign Script..


      I'm running a script that operates like this;

      • Get configuration values from a selected xml file
      • Import list (of products) from a xml-file (given in config-file)
      • Select template for each record (given in product list)
      • Use tag/scriptlabel matching from config-file to pick values in xml-file and insert correctly in each textframe, and also placing graphics using same method.
      • Save as idd, eps and pdf

      So far so good...


      Until now, there's been no need for formatting of text, values have only been type "name", "price" etc..


      Now, we have a description field, where the customer want from 2-3 lines with bullets as a product description.


      This information is typically given as;


      <productInfo>#informationline 1 #informationline 2 #informationline 3</productInfo>


      I can easily convert the # to whatever I want/need to make this work with a search and replace, that's not the problem..


      The problem is;

      How do I feed InDesign this in a way that makes InDesign create a nice bulletted list in the textframe?


      (I've tried &#8226; and &#0220;  but these only creates bullets, and no indent on line 2..)


      I've had the following results, depending on what I've tried;

      - no bullets

      - bullet on line 1, indent on line 2 (no bullet)

      - bullet on line 1, indent and bullet on line 2

      - bullets on both line, but no indent if bulleted line span across two lines..