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    Default VST scanning - Why?

    CSTeam3 Level 1

      Okay, here's one. 


      Why can't Premiere's default behavior be to NOT scan VSTs on first start until a user sets the directories they want scanned?  Give it a VST manager just like Audition has.


      The reason:


      I'm a musician and have hundreds of VSTs on my system.  Some that would never have any use in Premiere.


      Everytime, I fire up Premiere for the first time or have to reset the the preferences, I have to go through this dance with Premiere locking up four or five times before it blacklists everything it needs to.  And now I'm facing the same thing with Prelude and  it won't even start.


      Now take a look at Audition. It doesn't scan any of my VSTs listed until I go into the Plug-in mananger and tell it which directories I want it to. 


      All CS programs that deal with VSTs should follow Audition's design.