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    Uninstall all previous CS items for clean CS6 install

    Boy ... I say Boy

      CS6 ordered today ... good.


      Tried to tidy up my HDD by uninstalling CS3 (Design Basic) ... not so good. 


      I ran the uninstall program and restarted my Mac Pro but still have the CS3 folders (with Apps in all their megabytes).  Tried to run the cleaner app but it cannot find any CS3 items.  Cannot actually open the CS3 apps (a test) because they are deactivated.


      Opened CS6 tonight and got a message that some item(s) needed are missing and to reinstall.  Was able to open an image (didn't do anything with it but assume that I can).


      I seem to have a bit of a mess.  How best to clear out everything once my CS6 disks arrive?  Run the unistaller for CS5 and CS6 then the cleaner app for anyitems that it can see?  I am keen to start with a clean slate and end up with just the CS6 programs.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There is no such thing. If you ever installed CS3, you already have some data somewhere, be it just file handler references. The cleaner doesn't remove any of those - assuming you had the proper version for CS3, which is no longer available. So simply delete the folders manually, if you need the space. Other than that if you are realyl that concerened, reinstall your operating system wit ha disk reformat. Takes about an hour.



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            Boy ... I say Boy Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium,


            So, Adobe's warning about not deleting CS folders manually doesn't apply after having run the uninstaller?  Good to know.

            Adobe Creative Suite 3 and CS3 point products include an uninstaller on Windows and Mac OS. If you want to remove the suite or an individual product, use the uninstaller. Don't manually delete application folders by dragging them to the Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac OS).    http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/remove-creative-suite-3-cs3.html


            BTW, Adobe advise that the cleaner tool for CS5 also works for CS3 and CS4 applications.


            With hindsight I should probably have ignored the unused apps ... I am just considering getting an SSD for my boot and applications drive and that led me to review what I have installed.


            With my Photoshop error message ("One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing.  Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop"), I assume that I can just uninstall the trial (via the uninstaller) and reinstall the full CS6 suite when it arrives?

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              n781lc Level 1

              @Mylenium - Along the same lines, I have been unable to Install and Open CS6.  Had same problem with beta.  Akamai Installer Initialyzes, Download proceeds and it appears in my Application .. I select the CS6 Folder, then the .app and the icon appears, dble click and the ball starts spinnin, and spinning, and spinning!!!  .. some 2 minutes later it quits and the pop up "Configuation Error, Please uninstall.  Report error 16." 


              ILast evening I was on the phone with our friends in India for over two hours - kicking the tiress and twirling the knobs: even used Adobe Connect and he took over tha computer; but, he had no clue as to the Mac -- his cursor ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off (Or have you ever seen that??).  Resulted in long delays when I assume he was searching his resources.  Eventually, he went on to something else and just dropped the "Connect."  Result?  ZERO in over an hour.  I repeatedly asked to please be elevated to the nest level but I know they are evaluated on what THEY do do he was not only releuctant, he didn't.  Saod finally, "if you continue ot hae problem call back with case number."  I absolutely love Adobe products and the people I have met at Photoshop Worlds on several occasions .. but ...


              Long story short - I have CS 5.5 and Lightroom 4.1, both work great .. I ave not been able to OPEN and USE CS6.


              As a retired nengineer I feel certain this can be solved and fixed but .. I am at a loss, after two days of maximum effort.


              I have also been on phone with Senior Advisers, Applecare.  We have checked Utilities>Disk> Repair and Permissions. Used "Test" Account (didn't work in that either), and even REINSTALLED the OS X 10.7.3.


              iMac is two years old with 8 G ram, 1 TB HD and backed up to a 3TB.


              PS: In my other posts an employee has suggested posting in different place .. I have .. still no results.  Shuffle??


              Needless to say, I am hoping someone can actually tackle this and get me working again in CS6.  It has some great improvements.