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    "cannot open x.idd" in InDesign CS5.5 7.5 (Win7)




      I found some topics on this issue but didn't feel that they specific enough. I was working on an .idd file last night and saved it before going to bed. Now I get "Cannot open ..." when I try to open it. I can open any other idd file on my computer. I've tried changing the name to no avail. I don't have Indesign on another computer so I haven't tried that.


      What riles me is that I can see the first two pages in the Bridge preview but I can't open it anywhere. Anyway, I'm linking the file through Dropbox, if anyone can help me open this I'd be eternally grateful!


      file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ugkwvjw69pdhrt3/IVF-WpIqwI