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    Swap images while rolling over popup menu




      I've been playing with fireworks CS5 for some days now and made a first attempt on a website.

      So far, i've made a navigation bar with two states in order to be able to add a simple roll over behavior, e.g. darkening text on rollover. I also have been able to make a dropdown menu (popup) via slices.

      Then I decided to swap images when on nav bar headings. So far, so good.


      When I did a preview in my browser, it appeared that as soon as I was leaving the nav bar, the image swapped back to the old setting. Perfect.

      But when I did a mouse over on one of the dropdown menu's of the navigation bar, the image swapped back as well.. I've been trying, but didnt manage to find out how to fix this.


      So, is there anyone here that knows if it is possible, and if so, how to keep images swapped to a second stage as long as the mouse is on the dropdown menu, but swaps back to the original state when leaving the dropdown and/or the navigation bar.


      Thanks in advance,