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    Dream Machine for CS6 with Blackmagic Intensity Pro

    Gareth Graham

      Good Day.


      Im about to move from CS5.5 to CS6, and along with the upgrade of software, I've decided that a hardware upgrade is due too.


      I'm looking to put together an entirely new PC as my old one (i3 with 4gb ram) will be inherited by the animator.


      We shoot the majority of our footage on Canon DSLR's and my old machine really struggled with realtime playback and editing of the footage (was continuously rendering at less-than-optimum sequence settings for the chance to see something playing back in realtime)


      I'd like to know what the specs would be of a machine that would be capable of working with this footage (usually graded with Colorista). And not just the bare essentials, something that would be able to handle this with ease, as often our edits include multiple layers as well as image sequences.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Warm Regards,

      Gareth H. Graham