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      I've been on the help.adobe.com forum and found where you can export data using....


      Reference_Syntax.exportData( [ STRING param1 [, BOOLEAN param2 ] ])

      So on my button on the form I put...


      xfa.host.exportData("",0) and I get a box where I can choose a location for the file.  I choose a place, then it brings up an email message with the file attached to it.  I don't want this email to be attached.


      I have also tried to get this to work with an actual location for the files to be placed.  It goes straight to the email box and never places the file in the location.  I read something about having to certify the document but I'm not understanding what I need to do, to get this done.


      I'm still getting the crazy characters in the code as well.  Here is a picture of what my output looks like.

      Any ideas?





      I'm about to scrap 4 weeks of building this 7 page form because of these little annoying things I can't seem to get past.  Any help is appreciated.  I do not want to go remake this in Dreamweaver if I don't happen to!!

      Thanks, gretchenhs42

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are you using LiveCycle Designer?


          If so, please post in one of the forums for LiveCycle.


          You can not insert a PDF into the body of an email. You can attach a couple different types of files. See the scripting reference for the product you are using to create your form for the various formats available and how to specify the format type.


          With the PDF form you can import any of the exported file types that were submitted by the original form.